Where Do We Go from Here?
Essays and Poems by our Students

Hearing from our students – their aspirations and excitements, challenges and concerns – is essential to the way Comprehensive Youth Development designs its programs and activities. Our approach has always been to adapt our services to meet students’ emerging needs. During the 18-month school shutdown, we weren’t able to hear young people’s voices in person. So we solicited their thoughts in essays and poems on two important issues: their goals for the future, and their feelings about the hate crimes and racial inequities that dominated the news and stirred both anxiety and activism. In Where Do We Go from Here? Student Reflections on a Pandemic Year, you’ll see a selection of the passionate and varied responses that were submitted by young people from our four partner schools.

These students reflect on what it was like to be planning for an uncertain future and processing complex emotions in isolation. Some dreamed of a stable career and home, some of a changed America.

CYD is proud to present this book written by our students. We will always listen to their voices, and we invite you to do the same.

View the book in the embedded window above, or open it in a new tab by clicking here: https://bit.ly/CYDStudentReflections

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