Student Stories

Student Stories


After finding CYD at MCNDHS, his fourth high school, Jeremiah finally went from acting out to figuring out what really mattered to him. Now he’s working hard on his Ph.D.


With a small child to support, college didn’t seem to be in the cards for Heaven. But after CYD helped her find an EMT program, college and her career both beckon.


At age 19 Tareike came to NYC on his own from the Caribbean with many dreams and little direction. Today he attends college at night and works at Rockefeller University.


A senior at HPHS, Dana has to commute to school daily from the Bronx two hours each way. But her drive to become a neurosurgeon keeps her determined and motivated.


At age 21, Shamari, a MCNDHS student and reporter with WNYC’s Radio Rookie program, got the individual support he needed to finally complete his high school degree.


Being the child of immigrants and the first in her family to attend college didn’t deter her from aiming high. Now she’s thriving as a pre-med student at Columbia University.


A 2012 graduate, Omar returned to CYD to tackle the rigorous Career Academy training program. He’s now a certified EMT and a proud role model to his son.


Noah excelled at City-As-School and graduated two cycles ahead of his peers. With a strong interest in hands-on work he is studying Residential Construction in college.


When Dalla came to America in 2017, he spoke no English. He found Manhattan Comprehensive and CYD and now he’s applying to college.

Students and Remote Learning


“I check in daily with CYD to stay focused. They’ve helped me apply for unemployment and plan best ways to work as soon as it’s possible. Setting deadlines and managing my time has been challenging. But I’m motivated! I still plan to graduate next year and study computer engineering and climate science.”

Charles Michael

“I’m proud to be a first responder as an EMT during this crisis. When I graduated from CYD’s Career Academy last year, I never expected this. I got amazing training so I’m prepared. I won’t deny that it’s scary and that I come home exhausted, but I focus on making sure my patients get to the hospital safely, and their families know they are in good hands. Stay safe everyone.”


“Distance learning is different! In school, time is managed for you. At home it’s on you. But I’ve been managing and even helping my 11-year-old sister. I’ve been accepted at Syracuse University. The only reason I’m not stressed out right now is because of CYD. They helped me plan my applications and financial aid in advance.”


“My dad lost his job and I took a couple weeks off from food delivery because I was nervous. I’m back at my job because we need the money, but I wear a mask and am careful. I talk to my CYD advisor a lot. I’m studying my hardest so I still graduate in 2021. Then college for business or criminal justice.”