Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

Volunteers like you can play a vital role in transforming our students’ lives. Our students are motivated and eager to learn, and particularly keen to explore career options and gain knowledge of the best ways to navigate the professional world. Currently, corporate and individual volunteering are remote.

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Host students at your workplace or bring your team to one of our schools. Students enjoy the opportunity to learn what you do, and volunteers enjoy interacting with their colleagues in new ways. We’ll work with you to design an event that matches your skills with those of our students. Successful events have included workshops, panel discussions, and one-on-one sessions helping students fine-tune their skills with résumé writing, college essay editing, and practical interviewing skills. Comprehensive Youth Development staff accompanies students, provides materials, and prepares step-by-step guides for your event.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Join a career panel: Share your career path and experiences. Comprehensive Youth Development hosts a range of panels throughout the year with professionals from various backgrounds.

Be a guest speaker: Join us for an hour after school to talk to students and answer their questions about a subject or area that might be of interest to them. Share thoughts about your career, hobbies, travel experiences, or a motivational topic.

Help students build college and career skills: Join one of our regularly scheduled events to help students write résumés, practice interview skills, and polish college essays. Comprehensive Youth Development staff provide materials and a step-by-step guide to facilitate discussions.

Provide after-school homework help: Our students need help in a range of general academic subjects, from English conversation skills to basic writing and math. We are also looking for volunteers who specialize in advanced math or science. Comprehensive Youth Development staff helps volunteers with curricula and ensures that students keep tutoring appointments.

Help students navigate a college or career fair: Comprehensive Youth Development holds five to six college and career fairs throughout the year, which includes 30 to 60 booths from prospective schools and employers. It can be daunting for our younger students to know how to “work the room” and get the most out of the experience. Comprehensive Youth Development preps you and gives you questions to help guide the students.

Interested in any of our volunteer opportunities? Contact Rebekah Wellons: rebekahwellons@cydnyc.org