Comprehensive Youth Development’s work would not be possible without our dedicated and diverse staff who approach each day with commitment, responsiveness, flexibility, and a sense of humor.

Executive Director

Michael A. Roberts, MSW
(212) 353-2010 x150

Assistant Executive Director

Margaret Aylward, LMSW
(212) 353-2010 x161

Tomiko Abreu
Post-Secondary Coordinator, CAS
(212) 337-6843

Anansa Benbow
College and Career Advisor, MC
(212) 353-2010 x160

Forrest Buckman
Director of Data Development
(212) 353-2010 x182

Briana Carp
Director of Legal Information Services
(212) 353-2010 x151

Abdoul Manan Deen
Tutor, MC
(212) 353-2010 x155

James Fallar
Part-Time Educational Specialist, CYD Career Academy

Ashley Falzone, MS
Employment Coordinator, HPHS
(347) 985-0318

Suzette Ferguson
Data Management Coordinator
(212) 353-2010 x182

Camille Fleming
(212) 353-2010 x154

Diane Forté
Site Director, HPHS

Gladys Franceschi
Senior Internship Coordinator, MC
(212) 353-2010 x213

Cynthia Friedlander
Part-Time Career Coach, CYD Career Academy

Alexandra Gerraputa
College and Career Advisor, HPHS
(516) 754-4755

Mina Gradinarova
Student Advocate and Internship Coordinator, MC

Samantha Grande
College and Career Advisor, CAS
(212) 353-2010 x121

Bobbie Hernandez
Director of Student Support Services, MC
(212) 353-2010 x202

Hattie Hill
Director of Postsecondary Services, MC
(212) 353-2010 x156

Robi Jaffrey
Academic Program Manager, MC
(212) 353-2010 x157

Andrea Lall
Data Administrator

Andrée Lockwood
Director of Development and Communications
(917) 553-8798

Gabrielle Lozano
College and Career Advisor, HPHS
(212) 780-9175 x6010

Nicole Marshall-King, MA
Career Coordinator, CYD Career Academy
(917) 336-8286

Victoria Mohtes-Chan
AVODAH College Advisor, MC

Carolina Moquete
Site Coordinator, CAS
(212) 337-6841

Sandra Morales, MSW
Director of CYD Career Academy
(917) 336-8286

Sebastian Munn
Director of College Services, MC
(212) 353-2010 x163

Glenda Murdaugh
Part-Time Social Worker, CYD Career Academy

Julia Schlakman
Program Coordinator, CYD Career Academy

Margaret Stewart-Brown
Senior Accountant
(212) 353-2010 x 152

Rebekah Wellons
Development Associate
(212) 353-2010 x102

Deborah Wright
Part-Time Customer Service Coach, CYD Career Academy