Comprehensive Youth Development’s work would not be possible without our dedicated and diverse staff who approach each day with commitment, responsiveness, flexibility, and a sense of humor.

Executive Director

Michael A. Roberts, MSW

Assistant Executive Director

Margaret Aylward, LMSW

Tomiko Abreu
Post-Secondary Coordinator, CAS

Anansa Benbow
College and Career Advisor, MC

Marie Bismonte
College and Career Advisor, CAS

Forrest Buckman
Director of Data Development

Briana Carp
Director of Legal Information Services

Terry Carroll
Director of Workforce

Victoria Crawford
Student Support Coordinator, HPHS

Abdoul Manan Deen
Tutor, MC

Hans Eliason
Career Coordinator, CYD Career Academy

James Fallar
Part-Time Educational Specialist, CYD Career Academy

Ashley Falzone, MS
Employment Coordinator, HPHS

Suzette Ferguson
Data Management Coordinator

Camille Fleming

Diane Forté
Site Director, HPHS

Gladys Franceschi
Senior Internship Coordinator, MC

Cynthia Friedlander
Part-Time Career Coach, CYD Career Academy

Alexandra Gerraputa
College and Career Advisor, HPHS

Bobbie Hernandez
Director of Student Support Services, MC

Hattie Hill
Director of Postsecondary Services, MC

Remy Kirsch
Grants & Communications Writer

Andrea Lall
Data Administrator

Andrée Lockwood
Director of Development and Communications

Gabrielle Lozano
College and Career Advisor, HPHS

Michelle Maldonado
Tutor, CYD Career Academy

Yoni Mirensky
Avodah College & Career Intern, MC

Victoria Mohtes-Chan
College Advisor, MC

Carolina Moquete
Site Director, CAS

Sandra Morales, MSW
Director of CYD Career Academy

Sebastian Munn
Director of College Services & Immigrant Student Coordinator, MC

Glenda Murdaugh
Part-Time Social Worker, CYD Career Academy

Sarina Patel
NYU College Advising Corps, College Advisor, HPHS

Julia Schlakman
Program Coordinator, CYD Career Academy

Margaret Stewart-Brown
Senior Accountant

Jessica Suitto
Student Advocate, MC

Rebekah Wellons
Development Associate

Deborah Wright
Part-Time Customer Service Coach, CYD Career Academy