Serving New York City’s Diverse Youth

Over 45 languages from all over the world are spoken across our four sites, which serve student populations as ethnically and linguistically diverse as New York City itself. In the halls of our schools, you’ll hear English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali Wolof, Cantonese, Haitian Creole, Sinhalese, Twi and Farsi – just to name a few.

At MCNDHS, 70% of the students are immigrants. A vital part of the way CDI is able to provide students with the services they need is through our equally diverse staff, who speaks everything from English, French, Spanish, and Wolof to Twi, Arabic, Tamil and Hindi. Being able to communicate with a student in their first language can break down tough cultural and emotional barriers, help our staff assess the exact college and career needs of our students, and provide them with unique post-secondary options for life after high school.

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