Coding in the Classroom at City-As-School

Student smiling in front of monitor filled with computer code
Emily Poline created a business website.

Twelve students at City-As-School (CAS) participated this year in a coding internship pilot led by The Code that provided instruction in computer languages and web design and offered a paid summer internship to those who successfully completed the training. An instructor from The Code taught the classes; students participated remotely at CAS with a teacher present to monitor and coordinate. In the course, funded by NYC’s Office of Postsecondary Readiness, students learned the HTML and CSS languages, as well as coding for web design. As the end of the semester neared, they were able to take qualifying exams in the two languages and complete and present capstone projects in which they coded and designed their own websites.

Emily Poline, who will graduate next year, recently presented her project, a business website that she created for a professional photographer she knows. After successfully presenting her project, Emily sat for and passed her certification exams for HTML and CSS. “I can’t wait to learn more in my internship this summer,” she said. “We’ll all be working remotely in the future. The Code helped me develop basic coding skills that I can use as I learn more advanced coding languages and create websites and apps that can be useful to many people.”

Tomiko Abreu, CYD’s Director of Student Support at City-As School, who helped coordinate the coding internship, said, “The Code offers our students the opportunity to learn 21st century technology skills that they can add to their résumés and use to explore careers and develop additional income streams. I’m excited to see students continue this internship next year and learn the Java and Python languages!”

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