CDI Students on the Radio!

Since 1999, WNYC Radio Rookies has been conducting workshops across New York City to give young people the tools and training to tell their own stories on the radio. Eight students from CDI got the opportunity to write and produce their own radio shows this summer at WNYC. Our students’ stories explore complex topics ranging from applying to college as an immigrant, to how gender identity affects the school experience, to what it means to be an older student in high school. “We’re interested in teaching young people how to tell a story,” said Kaari Pitkin, Senior Producer of Radio Rookies at WNYC. “Manhattan Comprehensive students’ stories are particularly unique because many of your students are recent immigrants and have fascinating and moving perspectives.” Stories from CDI students will be released over the course of the summer.

The first two stories are from Kristin Tomlinson and Shamari Ridley.

Kristin, who identifies as gender- fluid, explores the changing constructs of gender over the last 50 years — from language to labels to modes of expression. Listen to Kristin’s episode here.

On his episode, Shamari talks about dropping out in the 11th grade after years of moving and switching schools, and how he overcame that instability at MCNDHS, one of NYC’s 51 transfer schools specifically designed for older, under-credited high school students. Click here to listen to how Shamari found the support he needed at Manhattan Comprehensive and CDI.

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