What I Did on My Summer Vacation

From dance recitals and learning how to catwalk with models, to table tennis practice and meeting government officials, our students had eventful summers!

Karla,17, The High School for Health Professions and Human Services

I spent the summer studying at the Frank Sinatra High School of Arts, working with choreographers from all over the country to strengthen my modern and ballet technique. I also do a mix of tap, jazz and contemporary style at my studio, and we had our final show in late July. It was such an exciting experience! I’m nervous about college and the next four years, but my CDI counsellors have helped me understand that everything is a stepping stone to something else and I’m really just looking forward to enjoying my senior year to its fullest.

Karla and Benjamin

Benjamin, 16, The High School for Health Professions and Human Services

For the first week of August, I took part in the ACLU Summer Advocacy Institute’s program that takes 900 kids from all over the country to D.C to explore various avenues for advocacy. We got to see the amazing monuments and museums in D.C, as well as meet with the representatives from our district. I also saw Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which was awesome! I’m nervous about senior year because I’ve signed up to take a lot of classes but I’m eager to shine even under this course load.


Kozi, 22, City-As-School, Class of 2019

I spent most of this summer working at CAS with the Restorative Justice Leadership Group. We worked to with students from another alternative school, The James Baldwin School, to come with community building initiatives for the students. I also started college just a couple days ago, at Guttman Community College, where I’m going to major in Human Services! My birthday was exactly two days before my first semester started, so to celebrate, my godmother took me on a day trip to D.C, where she works with the lifestyle brand Ashley Stewart and teaches modeling classes. I got to go to her class in D.C and learn how to catwalk with runway models! It was a such a fun way to step into college!

2019 USATT-Sanctioned Citywide Championship, Doubles Champions: Tony (right) and his partner, Walid (left)

Tony, 20, Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School

This is my last year on our school’s table tennis team. We won the doubles championship last year but this is my final opportunity to win the singles’ championship. So, I’ve just been practicing my game any chance I get – I practiced almost all day and all week this summer. I really want to come in first before I graduate. On weekends I’ve been working my restaurant job, and preparing for the next year. I want to be an engineer and there’s a lot of studying and college prep in store for my final year. I haven’t found too many college level table tennis teams, but I’m excited for everything that’s in store!

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