The Cooper Union Summer STEM Program

Remote-controlled, full size race car built by MCNDHS students

Constructing Rube Goldberg machines

The Cooper Union Summer STEM Program is a six-week intensive that introduces students to the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering, and design. Small teams from New York City’s most prestigious high schools work on ambitious and important projects – like designing and creating a toy for children with disabilities, or building complex Rube Goldberg machines and remote-controlled full-size race cars. The program’s mentors, who are all Cooper Union undergraduates studying engineering, art, and architecture, help the students learn skills like making college level presentations. “The mentors don’t give us direct answers, only nudge us in the right direction until we find the answers ourselves,” said Ammar Algaithy, a MCNDHS student. “This is very helpful, because when we have the confidence to solve problems ourselves, we really learn the concepts.”

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