NYC Park Rangers Corps

“Coyotes in New York?” exclaimed Valerie, a MCNDHS student, when Nick and Jess, two NYC Park Rangers showed the students a coyote pelt from Inwood Hill Park. From exploring mechanical engineering and bio science labs, to working with the NYC Park Ranger Corps, CDI is committed to offering its students a range of unconventional and exciting after-school career training options. “Our goal is to open up new worlds of opportunity for our students,” said Mia Carmel, CDI College and Career Advisor at MCNDHS. “These internships and career training options help them explore entirely new fields that they may have been previously unaware of.”

Show and tell with NYC Park Rangers, Nick and Jess

NYC Park Rangers Nick and Jessica from Inwood Hill Park recently visited MCNDHS for an informational session about the Park Ranger Conservation Corps – an 8-10 week internship program. Nick and Jessica showed the students examples from their daily work: cameras to study urban wildlife, oysters from the Billion Oysters Project, and pelts of wild animals like raccoon and coyote. “A lot of people don’t know that there’s an actual forest in Queens! We’re surrounded by nature in this city,” said Jess. The Parks Department offers a variety of employment opportunities, from Ranger positions and maintenance work, to seasonal jobs like lifeguards and coordinators for free public events in the summer. Students eagerly signed up for the internship at the end of the session.

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