Justice for not Just Us

Last May, we in this nation and across the globe witnessed 9 minutes and 28 seconds of tragedy and a severe abuse of power. But we also saw the power of young people, embodied by Darnella Frazier as she stood there and filmed this atrocity knowing that justice needed to be served. George Floyd’s life mattered. Darnella could not save him that day, but her actions may bring justice to many and avert another similar tragedy.

At Comprehensive Youth Development, our mission for 25 years has been to develop young people who can stand in the midst of a storm and choose to do the right thing. By doing so, they not only make their own lives better but those of others as well. CYD stands for justice for all, understanding that education is the key to an enlightened humanity. George Floyd is not the only one lost to hate and the misuse of power, but we hope this is a beginning for justice and accountability. We will continue to educate our students on equity, diversity, peace, and understanding and build leaders like Darnella Frazier that can stand up and help our communities find justice – not for just us – but for everyone.

Michael Roberts, Executive Director