It’s Graduation Season!

June is traditionally thought of as graduation month, but our two partner transfer schools hold multiple graduation ceremonies throughout the year. Three times a year at Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School in January, June, and August, and four times a year at City-As-School, in January, June, August, and November.

Margaret Aylward, CDI’s Assistant Executive Director said, “Our schools are committed to giving students who’ve been systemically disadvantaged a fair shot and a way back into the education system so they can successfully graduate with a diploma. Transfer school students have between one or two years to graduate. During that time they make up their needed credits, take Regents exams, and identify a post-secondary plan for after graduation. Because students come to us at various stages, they are accepted year-round on a rolling basis, and graduate when they complete their prerequisites. Our students work really hard and it’s a triumph to see their work pay off when they walk on the graduation stage.”

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