Putting College in Sight

As the mom of a two-year-old son, Heaven’s main priority is to care for her son without racking up debt. A student at City-As-School, Heaven didn’t think college would even be available to her, because of the cost. But CYD helped her find an EMT program at La Guardia allowing her to save for college in the future. “I didn’t know I had to write Statements of Purpose and college essays until I came here. I wasn’t even thinking about college, because I thought if you wanted to go to college you had to move out of state, or out of the city. I thought ‘Oh, I have a child. I can’t go to college.’ Even my grandma said the same thing to me. So I was resigned that that wasn’t going to be an option for me. It was only when I came to CYD and got all this information that I realized, oh, I can still go to college. I can still have a career. I can do what I want, even with my son. None of my family – my parents, siblings or anyone – went to college. I’ll be the first if I go.”