Congratulations to TheDream.US Scholarship Recipients!

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Congratulations to four Dreamers from HPHS who have been awarded TheDream.US Scholarships! Each of these students will receive $37,000 towards their next four years of college and will attend SUNY Stony Brook, City College, Hunter College, and LaGuardia Community College.

Fatimah Shalash, CYD’s Site Director at HPHS, explained that “Many of these recipients approached the college process with trepidation and concern about financial aid. Some even considered not applying to college at all. This scholarship means not only affording CUNY tuition and fees, but getting a stipend for books and travel costs, and getting a supportive Dreamer community as they navigate the next few years in college. This is a big weight lifted off that will allow them to focus on school first, instead of a financial burden. Rather than working during a gap year to save up or taking out big loans, they’re heading to college!”

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