SoVonna Day-Goins

Managing Director, Global Markets, Credit Suisse

SoVonna Day-Goins is a Managing Director at Credit Suisse. Her personal educational experience and that of her children both contributed to her interest in Board service at Comprehensive Youth Development. “I am intimately aware of the many challenges children of color face in school systems and beyond. Since I have experienced these struggles myself and with my own children, I recognize the power of teaching youth how to be self-advocates and the importance of valuing non-traditional paths to success.”

She finds herself “so impressed with what Comprehensive Youth Development is able to accomplish. The staff is absolutely amazing. They are committed above expectations. They have an unrelenting drive to unlock the unique potential in each student to allow them to transcend their circumstances.” When it comes to her Board role, she feels that “Comprehensive Youth Development’s aim of developing and preparing young adults by creating innovative pathways to success is one that is challenging and rewarding and one that I am excited to be a part of.”

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