Pamela Craig

Board Chair
Chief Financial Officer, Accenture, Retired

Pam Craig’s passion for education-related causes drove her interest in CDI Board membership over 10 years ago. “CDI was compelling from the start because it was hands on and very impactful in providing the kinds of services – tutoring, counseling, legal, social – that at-risk high school students in New York City need.” She has accomplished a great deal over her years on the Board and is very “proud to have led the efforts to hire John Mancuso as CDI’s Executive Director in 2005 and then his intended replacement, Michael Roberts, in 2013, as I believe that the right people – leaders and their teams – make all the difference to the success of an organization and its mission.”

Pam is retired from her 34-year career at Accenture, where she served at CFO for 7 years and now serves on corporate boards as well as education focused not-for-profit boards. Her prior roles included operations, management, and technology consulting. She currently serves as the Chair of Comprehensive Youth Development’s Board of Directors.

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