Kevin E. Walker

CEO, Duquesne Light

Kevin Walker was sold on his very first visit to Comprehensive Youth Development. “As an African-American male raised by a single 16-year-old mom, my statistical prospects in life were dim from the very beginning.” He values the Comprehensive Youth Development model because he himself is so appreciative of the adults in his life who took an interest in his success. With Comprehensive Youth Development services he sees the impact on the outlook of students: “The ‘can do’ spirit that emerges day by day which replaces the spirit of hopelessness. The agency to shape the outcome of their own lives. These are both very powerful tools to be armed with as they move beyond the network of schools experience into contributing adults within our city, state, national and international communities.”

Kevin is a military veteran turned utility executive turned entrepreneur as the founder of TurtleWise Inc., an online advice and mentoring community. He currently serves as the CEO of Duquesne Light. He is proud of the strength of Comprehensive Youth Development’s Board of Advisors and their role in the successful Men’s Leadership Group initiative.

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