Katie Karoll Levino

Katie Karoll Lavino

Investment Grade Syndicate Managing Director

Katie Karoll Lavino was already familiar with CYD when she became a Board member; she had participated in many CYD events because of two friends on the Board, SoVonna Day-Goins and Jacquelyn Krese. Katie chose CYD for her first nonprofit Board membership because she is passionate about CYD’s mission and the students we serve: “I grew up in the NYC public school system and my parents are children of immigrants. I feel I have a special connection to these students and want to do my best in getting them access to everything CYD offers them. CYD aims to provide the best possible education and post-school opportunities for each of its students. It is all so tailored to the students. It’s wonderful!” Katie also admires the CYD staff, who “work tirelessly and are beyond inspiring to all of us on the Board.”


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