Jeffrey Hellman

Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, PVH Corp.

Jeffrey Hellman is the Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at PVH Corp, a global apparel company. Prior to joining the Comprehensive Youth Development Board, his service to nonprofits has included providing pro bono legal counsel to a non-profit that provides scholarships to college students looking to pursue careers in the fashion industry and also serving as a volunteer consultant through PennPAC (Pro bono Alumni Consulting.) It was in this volunteer role that Jeff was matched to provide support to Comprehensive Youth Development. “During this project, I had the pleasure to work with members of the staff and board of directors and learned what a great organization Comprehensive Youth Development is.”

He values the work of Comprehensive Youth Development because he understands the importance of a post-secondary emphasis. “While I attended a high school that did not put much emphasis on students’ lives after high school, I was fortunate to have several teachers who were committed to preparing me for life after graduation. Comprehensive Youth Development plays a similar role to those great teachers I had. The focus on life after high school (through college and career fairs) greatly impresses me.” Jeff is also an Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School and has welcomed CYD students interested in law to sit in on classes.

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