Jeffrey Hellman

Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, PVH Corp.

Jeffrey Hellman is the Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at PVH Corp, a global apparel company. Prior to joining the Comprehensive Youth Development Board, his service to nonprofits has included providing pro bono legal counsel and also serving as a volunteer consultant through PennPAC (Pro bono Alumni Consulting.) It was in this volunteer role that Jeff was matched to provide support to Comprehensive Youth Development. “During this project, I had the pleasure to work with members of the staff and board of directors and learned what a great organization Comprehensive Youth Development is.”

He values the work of Comprehensive Youth Development because he understands the importance of a post-secondary emphasis. “While I attended a high school that did not put much emphasis on students’ lives after high school, I was fortunate to have several teachers who were committed to preparing me for life after graduation. Comprehensive Youth Development plays a similar role to those great teachers I had. The focus on life after high school (through college and career fairs) greatly impresses me.”

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