Howard A. Friedman

Founder and Principal Emeritus
Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School

Howard Friedman was the first principal of MCNDHS and a key player in the launch of CDI in the 1990s. “It became apparent that the continued success of our students was going to be dependent upon establishing an independent organization that believed in the mission of our school, an organization devoted to helping students achieve success. I was fortunate to have attracted from the start a group of generous, caring and motivated people who became the nucleus for the establishment of CDI.” Howard has always sought to help students with the greatest need and has a strong connection to the students Comprehensive Youth Development serves. “My grandparents had to attend night high school to help support their families. I identify with our students and understand their needs and life struggles. I, too, due to an early death of my father, found myself having to help support myself while in high school.”

Howard is now retired, but considers himself a lifelong educator. As a Comprehensive Youth Development Board member, he is “gratified by the organization’s ability to grow and adjust to the ever-changing needs of our students, and am most passionate about the support and advocacy we provide for older students with adult responsibilities.”

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