Dean Backer

Partner, Goldman Sachs & Co. 

Dean Backer came to Comprehensive Youth Development through a recommendation from the Robin Hood Foundation. “I was looking for one of their outstanding grant recipients where I could make a difference. Thankfully, Robin Hood helped me make this amazing connection. I believe the innate desire to build a better life for my family, myself and the broader community around me is something I hold in common with so many of the students served by Comprehensive Youth Development. The drive to work hard, never give up and push oneself upward and forward is so impressive and embodied by so many I come across at Comprehensive Youth Development and the students it serves.”

Dean has worked at Goldman Sachs for 25 years, serving as Partner and Managing Director in the Global Securities Division since 2002. He feels fortunate “to be part of this diverse and talented Board and to see firsthand the expansion of Comprehensive Youth Development to now three schools and almost 2,000 students served annually.”

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