Approaching the Big Questions Through Poetry

Student Amy Munoz Sanchez

Amy Muñoz-Sanchez

Graduating MCNDHS senior Amy Muñoz-Sanchez was awarded a prestigious Athena Scholarship to Hunter College. The Athena Honors Program provides an opportunity for academically talented students with a serious interest in gaining a deep understanding of the fundamental questions of life. It is designed to provide an enriched undergraduate experience, and to prepare exceptional students for graduate school or successful careers outside of academia.

For Amy, writing creatively is the way she approaches life’s questions. “Since I was a kid, I’ve loved writing. Even when I was 6 or 7 years old, I would lie in bed with my grandmother and she would ask me to tell her stories. Now I love writing poems. They allow me to transmit what I feel inside to the outside. Spanish is a more romantic language than English, so I would like to write in Spanish.”

Amy came to MCNDHS directly from the Dominican Republic in March 2020, just as NYC was shutting down for COVID-19. She had to begin school remotely, but has found it “more fun in person.” Being at school in-person has enabled her to spend a lot of time with CYD advisors: “During the time when I was submitting applications, I would come to CYD every day. I practically lived down here! And not only did CYD help me, they helped my older sister, who had already finished high school in the Dominican Republic and wanted to apply to college here.”

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