Michael F. Melcher

CEO, M2Leaders

Michael Melcher’s upbringing made serving on the Comprehensive Youth Development Board a natural match. “My family has always viewed education as the single most important element of having a good and meaningful life. I’ve seen firsthand the power of hard work with the support from caring teachers and positive school experiences.” His mother was born in a house with a dirt floor near the Mexican border and ultimately became a tenured university professor. He is impressed with Comprehensive Youth Development’s ability to impact lives at the critical moment. “The teenage years are important and vulnerable ones. Comprehensive Youth Development steps in and helps kids get a solid grounding just as they are becoming adults.”

A lawyer by training, Michael is CEO of Michael Melcher Leadership Group. This experience has proven useful in helping to bring important conversations to the board and make board membership a more valuable and enjoyable experience. “I’m proud that I’m able to roll up my sleeves alongside people from all sectors of New York City professional life.”

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