Michael Koester

Partner, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Michael Koester’s focus on the importance of education and desire to dedicate time to service brought him to the Comprehensive Youth Development Board over 10 years ago. “I was drawn to the mission and to the population that it serves at a school like MCNDHS. Helping older students, many of whom are at risk, to prepare for success in life, starting with earning their diploma, is no small objective.” One of the board perks Michael enjoys is attending graduation. “Taking pride in hard work. Persevering through adversity. Working to achieve a better track in life. The close connection and affection between the students and their teachers. These are all things that so many of the students take great pride in. This is on full display at graduation. I find that their passions inspire me to work harder and to do better myself.”

Michael is a partner at Goldman Sachs where he has worked for over 20 years. As a Board member, he finds that the “work is never done and it’s not easy. That’s a big part of what has kept me engaged.”

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