Bleema Bershad

Director of Marketing, Apparo

Bleema Bershad was drawn to Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School in 1999 as she sought meaningful volunteer opportunities in her new hometown, New York City. “I wanted to work with young adults who were passionate about improving their futures. My parents moved to the United States from the Ukraine in their early twenties with me as a toddler, and they worked hard to balance it all – master English, continue their studies and work to support the family. These were the kinds of young adults I wanted to support, and this is where I found them.” She served as an SAT and math tutor for several years and joined as a Board member in 2014.

Bleema is the Director of Marketing at Apparo, a Charlotte, NC-based nonprofit that provides free and low-cost technology support to other area nonprofits. As a Board member she is proud of the success of recent fundraising events she’s helped to plan and enjoys pitching in with marketing writing.

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